Portrait of the "Kurdish Doctors Association" in Germany

Because of the bad social and medical situation in the kurdish population few kurdish doctors, who are also active politicians, started to solve the problems of the kurdish population systematicalli and tried to lead an improvement together.

Our Organisation was founded on the 26. January 1978 in Ottweiler as " The Association of Doctors from Kurdistan in Europe" and was renamed on the 9. May 1992 to " The Association of Kurdish Doctors in Germany".

Our unpartisan Organisation has the purpose to support our fellow people in the kurdish regions of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran in medial and humanitarian ways.
This happens with the delivery of needed medicaments and medical equipment, further education of kurdish doctors as well as the placement of medics from kurdish regions in medical hospitations.

The association of the kurdish doctors in Germany is an union of all doctors and persons who come from Kurdistan and want to support their people in the kurdish regions in medical and humanitarian ways. In accordance to the constitution this organisation only acts charitable in the senses of §§ 51 ff of the regulatory submission:
- Promotion of medical care for the in kurdistan living people through contact, technical consultation and support of medical facilities.
- Help in raising up a medical infrastructure in Kurdistan
- Explanation of the catastrophal medical situation to the european population and the support of sick people in the kurdish regions as well as the assembly of donations for the sponsorship of the referred plans.

One of our main tasks for us medicals is the improvement of the medical situation in the kurdish regions, particularly the help for children and old people who are without any protection against all diseases in the slums.
We, the Association of the kurdish doctors in Germany decided to publicize this situation in a stronger way to get more support from various people and organisations to relieve the needs of the people in the kurdish regions.

April 2008

The managing director



Ladys and Gentlemen,

in the folliowing text we will inform you about the activity of the " Association of kurdish doctors in Germany " in the years 2008/2009.


4 Presided over meetings on the, 20.09.09, 06.12.2008, 17.02.09 and 28.04.09

- Requesting position for a membership of 4 kurdish doctors.

- Continous upkeeping and updating of the associations website "http://www.kurdishe-aerzte.de

- Permanent contact to new medics in germany and updating of the agreed addresses.

- Contact search and attention to medical students in berlin.


Release of the publication "Babe Tayer 930-1010) at the 30th year ceremony of the foundation of our association in kurdish in german language.
Writer : Dr.med. Hassan Mohammed Ali"


-Organisation of a meeting on the 07.09.08 with kurdish organisations in Berlin for a more intensive cooperation and a stronger offer of humanitarian aid and the willingness of the foundation. Nutritions courses for kurdish women.

- Organisation of a ceremony because of the kurdish new years day "NEWROZ" on the 27.03.2009 in the banquet hall of the town hall of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, where 200 people from medicine, economy and politics participated.


-Since the last meeting the association was able to obtain a medical education for 3 colleagues. More requests are in process.


4 meetings with kurdish doctors in Berlin and a further education about eye diseases in seniority

- Continous phone contact with some members with the purpose of a stronger cooperation.

- Continous write up to the members with the purpose of discussing constitution changes and a more intensive cooperation.


Support of diseased people from Kurdistan through relegation of medical documents to competent doctors and also colleagues and checking of an opportunity for a medication in Germany.

- Mail to 250 german and kurdish doctors with a request for help

- Continous sending (once or twice a month) of medicine and also small medical equipment (glucose meter, inhalation devices and surgical instruments) to Kurdistan.


- Multiple consultation and help in creation of assessements about the medical situation in the kurdish regions, particularly in Syria for several organisations and kurdish radio stations in Germany.

- Constant and multiple consultations of medics and students from Kurdistan and Germany because of the matter of further educations in the federal republic of Germany.

Dr. Dr.med Rassoul Faki